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Competition is the final piece of our comprehensive Junior Tennis Pathway.

We encourage every child to play competitive tennis that is appropriate to his/her size and strength. We offer modified tennis tournaments for all Hot Shots players, Saturday-morning match play for Hot Shots, Sunday pennant teams for children aged 7 to 16 years, and tournament scheduling for our top players.





Hot Shot Challenges are tournaments for children aged up to 12 years conducted using the same Red, Orange and Green formats as the Hot Shots lessons.

The tournaments run for 2 -3 hours and give children a feel for the excitement of competitive play at an early age, but are primarily about fun and experience rather than serious competition.

Talk to your Coach to see if your child has the basic skill required to play.


AGES 5 - 7

Tennis Hot Shots Red Matchplay is designed to give children aged 6-9 years old, who are showing an interest in the sport, an opportunity to get out on the courts and have a rally with their friends, and Mum and Dad. The main focus is fun, lots of hitting and an introduction to learning to score and playing your first matches.
This program is an add-on to your child’s regular lesson/s and gives them more court-time so they can practice. Although not compulsory we encourage interested parents to get out on-court as well. Kids just love playing sport with their family.
Red players need to be able to hit an underarm serve over the net and in. Speak with your Coach if you need advice.
The program runs for 6 weeks on Saturday mornings – see our term dates for details.


AGES 7 - 11

Hot Shots Orange Matchplay is an opportunity for our orange-ball players to take the skills learnt in lessons and apply them in matches.
Our Matchplay sessions offer excellent competitive play experience for young players.
Matchplay is suitable for experienced Orange Develop players, and anyone enrolled in our Orange Progress or Perform stages Please speak to your Coach to see if Matchplay is suitable for your child.
The program runs for 6 weeks on Saturday mornings – see our term dates for details.


Orange: 7 -10 Years
Green: 9 – 12 Years

The Hot Shots League is a weekly competition using orange and green ball formats, played on Sunday morning.
There are summer (October-March) and winter (May-August) Orange and Green leagues. (No matches during school holidays.)
If your child hasn’t played Hot Shots League before or hasn’t been invited to play, please talk to us before enrolling.
A league team consists of 5 or 6 players. Four players from the team are rostered on for each match. Each player plays one singles rubber and one doubles rubber per match.
The team can be any combination of boys and girls.
The 10-week competition is played on a home and away basis, with the top four teams then playing off in semi-finals and a grand final to determine the division winner.
Starting time is 8.30am in summer and 9.00am in winter. All matches must be completed by 12.30pm.


AGES 9 - 16

We run Junior Club at Friday afternoons for players of green and yellow ball pennant standard. Players must be able to play matches – including serving overarm, and they must be able to rally from the back off the court. Each week is themed with a different twist on singles and doubles matchplay, keeping it fresh and interesting for the kids. The emphasis is on having lots of fun with friends, hitting lots of balls, and learning more from our staff about court positioning, tennis etiquette, etc.



For players who have graduated from  Hot Shots Challenges, NSWTA sanctions a series of junior tournaments called the Junior Development Series (JDS). The tournaments include green ball (10/U) and yellow ball (12/U upwards) events.

More details on JDS tournaments can be found on the NSWTA WEBSITE, or talk to your coach.

Australian Ranking (AR) tournaments:

Australian Ranking (AR) tournaments are sanctioned by Tennis Australia and form part of the National Calendars. These are the junior events with Australian Ranking points. Athletes who compete in AR events look to obtain or improve on their Australian Ranking. These tournaments include 12/U through to Open age categories and are highly competitive events.

More details on AR tournaments can be found on the TENNIS AUSTRALIA WEBSITE, or talk to your coach.

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